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Worship At Home

Sunday Service by video

A video Service is available on the Priory Methodist Church website now.

Worship At HomeWorship At Home - a sermon based on Ecclesiastes 9:11-12 and Luke 12:16-20 & 13:1-5 - from Rev Richard Barrett
A Sermon from Ecclesiastes and Luke


Worship At Home Tree

The tree in front of the hospital door is dancing.
Dancing to music that is both silent and loud.
A wind fed ballet of ecstatic mayhem.
The pirouetting branches soar high then fall bowed.
Whirring erratically together in a waltz of sheer joy.
Rejoicing in the ecstasy of breezes, sunlight, sap.
Green leaves and blossom flying skywards.
Then settling slowly into the root's sumptuous lap.

And we who observe it through the clinical windows of the ward.
Listening to the hygienic machine bleeps, bed calls and efficient murmur of care
Whilst contemplating the pain of another round of tests.
Imagining the deadly samba of the virus that we know is there.
In the trees performance we get a glimpse of another melody.
In the wild festivity of creation God promises to hold us tight.
For his movement can lead us through steps of rejoicing or lament.
But even the darkest solemn music has moments of sheer delight

David Wells

Worship At Home While the church is closed due to Coronavirus, please visit our blog \"Doing Church Differently\" at

Doing Church Differently

Worship At HomeSCALLOP Worship at Home services

The Scallop churches worship in real time by e-mail on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. Please contact to be added to the circulation list. Also be aware that email addresses are shared so that we can greet one another as we come 'into church' and chat together after the service.


Worship At HomeA YouTube programme This is our story, these are our songs
This is our story
from Rev Dalwyn Attwell.

Worship At HomeA Coronavirus Prayer Leaflet from Rev Dalwyn Attwell.

Worship At HomeThe Methodist Church in Britain offers
worship ideas and resources.

Worship At HomeFor anyone who'd benefit from being engaged on social media but has been reluctant so far, the Methodist Church has created a super-simple step-by-step guide to getting started and getting engaged with community on Facebook.

StF Plus

There are two sources of service guidance on the Singing the Faith plus website -
neither are intuitive to find so you may find the following routes helpful:

[1]web-site:Singing the faith plus
use search icon and type:Resourcing Local Arrangements
in resourcing local arrangements:Read more
[2]web-site:Singing the faith plus
use search icon and type:Special Sundays
choose sub-sectionSpecial Sundays or Seasons and themes

or copy and paste the link below into your browser

Seasons BookletSEASONS booklet PDF - Resources for 4 Services produced by SCALLOP

Here is a resource for Local Worship produced by SCALLOP Churches.
It is a booklet with IDEAS for a series of 4 services based on "Seasons", each of which can be presented by worship leaders or the local church.
These are suggestions and the outlines are not comprehensive, but it is hoped they might provide a starting place!

Print on both sides - flip on short edge - then fold into a booklet.

EnvironmentEcology / Environment service medley - Resources for two services

These services can be used to precede discussions on our responsibility as church for the environment and our response through engaging with A Rocha Eco-church.

This is a resource for local worship. It is a document containing two services, the parts of which can be used as a pick-and-mix or as a basis for your own inspiration.

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