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Safeguarding Policy

The Methodist Church, along with the whole Christian community, believes each person has a value and dignity which comes directly from God’s creation of male and female in God’s own image and likeness. Christians see this as fulfilled by God’s re-creation of us in Christ. Among other things, this implies a duty to value all people as bearing the image of God and therefore to protect them from harm.

All churches have been provided with posters which include specific safeguarding information and contact details. These posters should be displayed in each room where the church and other user groups meet. Further copies of the posters may be obtained from the Circuit Safeguarding Officer or by contacting the Circuit Office.

Methodist Safeguarding Policy Read the Methodist Church Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance 2020 document

Safeguarding Policy Read the North Beds Methodist Circuit Safeguarding Policy 2021

Note: this document is also available for downloading on the Policy Downloads Page.

If you have a concern about possible abuse (including allegations):
  1. In an emergency, respond immediately.
  2. Consult the person to whom you are responsible.
  3. Decide together whether to seek advice or to make an immediate referral.
  4. Keep a record of what happened, your concerns and your actions.
  5. Tell your minister and/or safeguarding representative.
  6. Only tell others who need to know.

If a child, young person or adult wishes to disclose they have been abused:
  1. Listen. Keep listening. Do not question or investigate.
  2. Do not promise confidentiality; tell them we need to share this.
  3. Assure them they are not to blame.
  4. Tell them what you are going to do and that they will be told what happens.
  5. Make careful notes of what is said, record dates, times, events and when you are told.
  6. Report it to the person to whom you are responsible and your minister or safeguarding representative.
  7. Only tell those who need to know.
Things to remember
  • Treat everyone with respect, setting a positive example for others.
  • Respect personal space and privacy.
  • Ensure another adult is present or within sight or hearing of any activity.
  • Ensure any actions cannot be misinterpreted by someone else.
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour.
  • Do not put anyone, including yourself, in a vulnerable or compromising situation.
  • Do not have inappropriate physical or verbal contact with others.
  • You must not keep allegations or suspected abuse secret.
Contact your minister who?
or Stephanie Field Tel: 07522 928936
or Rev Andrew Hollins Tel: 01234 340167

The Silver Line

A free, confidential helpline for older people open every single day and night

The Silver Line - ring - 0800 4 70 80 90

The Silver Line Find Out More download

Please put this poster on display in your church.

Safeguarding Training

Creating Safer Space - Foundation Module training and Advanced training

FOUNDATION SESSIONS are to be attended if this is your first training with the church


All in-person Creating Safer Space training is currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Online training options are being considered by the Methodist Church. Updates will be shared as soon as they become available.

ADVANCED MODULE (previously Leadership Module) are to be attended by those who have already undertaken the Foundation session

Advanced Creating Safer Space Training needs repeating every four years. There is no longer a requirement to repeat the Foundation Training once you have completed the Advanced Level.


CSS Advanced TrainingTraining Information for the Advanced Module 2021


Saturday 2nd October 2021 @ 10amOnlineSorry - all current Courses are fully booked and we await further courses from the District.
Monday 8th November 2021 @ 2pmOnlineSorry - all current Courses are fully booked and we await further courses from the District.

Safeguarding guides and forms

To modify one of the forms below, please download the Word version first from the Download Policies page using the Downloads button

BEH (Beds, Essex and Hearts Methodist District) Safeguarding Enquiry, Notification and Referral form.
Safeguarding Policy BEH Referral Form (PDF format)

BEH (Beds, Essex and Hearts Methodist District) Activity Risk Assessment form.
Safeguarding Policy BEH Activity Risk Assessment Form (PDF format)

BEH (Beds, Essex and Hearts Methodist District) Safeguarding Training Privacy Notice.
Safeguarding Policy BEH Safeguarding Training Privacy Notice (PDF format)

Practice Guidelines to Support the Report Domestic Abuse and the Methodist Church Taking Action
Safeguarding Policy Guidelines to the Report - (PDF format)

Safeguarding Guidance for Single Congregation Local Ecumenical Partnerships
Safeguarding Policy final_safeguarding_joint_practice_guidance-_leps.pdf - (PDF format)

Stay Safe Online
Safeguarding Policy Stay Safe Online - (PDF format)

Model Safeguarding Policy for Churches
Safeguarding Policy Model Safeguarding Policy for churches - (PDF format)


Safer Recruitment

Read the Safer Recruitment Policy
Safeguarding Policy safer-recruitment-policy-final-draft-august-2021.pdf

Safeguarding Policy Practical guidance on Carrying Out Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Checks

Read a short guide on how to start a DBS application
Safeguarding Policy DBS-Quick-Guide-to-a-DBS-Application-V3.pdf

Policies and Guidelines for Appointments that require Satisfactory Enhanced Disclosures
Safeguarding Policy Guidelines for appointments requiring enhanced DBS

Volunteer Registration and Role Outline Documents

When churches take on volunteers the registration and role outline documents must be completed.

Read the
Safeguarding Policy Volunteer Registration Document (Form A Part 1).

Read the
Safeguarding Policy Volunteer Role Outline Document (Form A Part 2).

Read the self-declaration form for members of church bodies (2020)
Safeguarding Policy sd4_safeguarding_declaration_for-members_of_church_bodies-aug-2020.pdf

Read the self-declaration form for Office Holders without substantial contact with vulnerable groups (2019)
Safeguarding Policy safeguarding-self-declaration-for-office-holder-without-substantial-contact-with-vulnerable-groups-form-c-jan-2019.pdf

Read the self-declaration form for Office Holders without substantial contact with vulnerable groups (2020)
Safeguarding Policy csd2_safeguarding_declaration_for_applicants_without_substantial_access_to_vulnerable_groups-20.pdf

Read the self-declaration form for Office Holders with substantial contact with vulnerable groups (2019)
Safeguarding Policy safeguarding-self-declaration-for-office-holder-with-substantial-contact-with-vulnerable-groups-jan-2019.pdf

Read the self-declaration form for Office Holders with substantial contact with vulnerable groups (2020)
Safeguarding Policy csd1_safeguarding_declaration_for_applicants-substantial_access_to_vulnerable_groups-aug-2020.pdf


General Forms

Read the Safeguarding Risk Assessment Guide: the Congregation
Safeguarding Policy safe_connexional-_risk-_assessment-_guide-_-congregation-_may-_2018.pdf

Read the Declaration for Applicants Renewing their Criminal Record Check
Safeguarding Policy declaration-on-renewal-of-criminal-record-check-for-those-working-with-vulnerable-groups-jan-2019.pdf

Example Role Outlines, Job Desciptions and Personal Specifications
Safeguarding Policy


Children and Young People

Read the Code of Safer Working Practice with Children and Young People
Safeguarding Policy code_of_safer_working_practice_with_children_and_young_people_july_2020.pdf

Use of Photography and Video Information Sheet for Young People (12 years and older)
Safeguarding Policy use-of-photography-and-video-information-sheet-and-consent-form-for-young-people-12-and-over-updated-nov-2019-v2-1.pdf

Use of Photography and Video Information Sheet for Parents and Carers
Safeguarding Policy use-of-photography-and-video-information-sheet-and-consent-form-for-parents-and-carers-updated-nov-2019-1.pdf

Online Communication Guidelines for Leaders working with Young People
Safeguarding Policy CST-Online-Guidance-for-leaders-working-with-young-people-32886-1.pdf


Property Safeguarding Issues

Read the Reopening of Buildings Checklist
Safeguarding Policy re-opening-of-building-checklist-2.pdf

Read the Model Policy Key Points for External User Groups of the Premises - Checklist
Safeguarding Policy model_key_points_for_external_users_of_premises_july_2020.pdf

Read the Template Booking Form
Safeguarding Policy template-booking-form-1.pdf

Read the Keyholder Declaration
Safeguarding Policy BEH_form_d_keyholder_jul_18.pdf

Read the Guest Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy
WiFi Guest Policy 06042021_guest_wifi_acceptable_use-policy_february_2021.pdf


Retention Schedule for Methodist Records

This document identifies how long records should be retained, and the required action on expiry.

Retention Policy Retention Schedules for records


Contact Details

Find the contact details for the Circuit Team member with oversight for your church on the Circuit Team page.

The Circuit Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Stephanie Field, Tel: 07522 928936

For all enquiries and contact related to Safeguarding or Safeguarding training in the Methodist Church, North Bedfordhsire Circuit, please use our the email address

The District Safeguarding Officers (DSO):
Gill Crippen, e-mail, Tel: 07793 012215
Pauline Jackson, e-mail, Tel: 07508 410758

CCPAS: the Churches' Child Protection Advisory service 0845 120 4550
- 24 hour help line on safeguarding children & vulnerable adults

Childline: 0800 1111

Silverline: 0800 470 80 90

National Domestic Violence Help Line: 0808 2000 247

Police Protection Unit: 01234 846 960

NSPCC Helpline: 0808 800 5000

Resource Links

The Methodist Connexional and National Website Safeguarding Page

The Methodist District Website Safeguarding Page has many useful resources, including research studies and fact sheets. is a freephone confidential helpline for people with concerns about child sexual abuse which gives advice, support and information. Tel: 0808 1000 900 is the Methodist Church children and youth web page.

Safeguarding Policy Domestic Abuse Support Organisations - Appendix 3:Contacts and Resources

DBS checks: there are new guidelines for DBS checks (as part of Safer Recruitment)

Safeguarding Incident Record Keeping: there are new guidelines available on the connexion website. These guidelines include two templates for churches and circuits, available on the Downloads page.

Safeguarding in LEP's: New guidelines are available on the connexion website