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Any Questions?

Would I be welcome in the Methodist Church whoever I am?
Yes! According to the Bible: each of us has amazing potential but each of us is also completely in need of God's unearned love. Jesus said he came for those who know their need of God, not those who reckon they are just fine as they are.

Isn't Church just an escape from real life?
Not at all. Jesus was concerned about people - how people lived with their families and neighbours, he challenged people to make an impact on their communities and wider society. Every local church looks for some way to express Christian love in action. Some organise lunch clubs for people who are lonely, employment and training schemes to give hope to people who are out of work, playgroups, youth clubs, Sunday schools and a variety of community services programmes. Fund raising activities also raise money for people whom we cannot help diectly both at home and overseas. At a national level Methodist leaders are able to lobby Government on issues as diverse as human rights, third world debt, education policy and pornography.

How and why did the Methodist Church start?
Please click here for some answers on the national website.

What is distinctive about Methodism?
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Can I arrange a baptism, a wedding, or a funeral with my local Methodist Church?
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How can I find out more?
Please explore the national Methodist Church website, and also the other pages and links on this site.

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