North Bedfordshire Circuit The Methodist Church

Children & Young People's Mission Stream

July 2016

Our vision is to see children's and young people's work as central to the worshipping life of the churches of the North Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit.

Our aims are to :

  • Promote the presence of children's and young people's work and the welcoming of families in the churches of the circuit, and see these reflected in the worship and prayer life of each Church;
  • Encourage people who want to start or enhance children's or young people's work within their church;
  • Foster beneficial relationships between circuit churches or Ecumenical links to enable children's and young people's work ;
  • Publicise children's and young people's work in circuit churches, particularly those churches without such work ;
  • Keep up to date with and pray for the children's and young people's work in the circuit ;
  • Support all the people working with children and young people in local churches and at circuit level through advice, training and prayer.

We meet quarterly, currently hosted by Willington Methodist Church. New members are welcome.

Rev Graham Claydon-Knights

Children and Young People Circuit Map Sharnbrook Oakley Clapham Putnoe Heights Cranfield Wootton Lidlington Kempston West Stewartby Kempston East Park Road London Road Priory Cardington Wixams Wilstead Willington Sandy Ampthill Flitwick Clophill Haynes Beeston Caldecote Trinity, Biggleswade Shefford Langford Henlow

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