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25/2/20 - Version 2
Priory 19/4/20 - add Davis as preacher
Flitwick 10/5/20 6:00pm - service held at Priory

27/2/20 - Version 3
Ampthill 26/4/20 - change Endersby to B Addington

28/2/20 - Version 4
Caldecote 22/3/20 - change Endersby Cafe to Larrett Cafe

17/3/20 - Issue 5
Caldecote 22/3/20 - change Larrett to P Lilley
Clapham 29/3/20 - change Arthern to R Barrett
Flitwick 22/3/20 - change Talbot to Ofori-Quaah
Kempston East - services cancelled after 22/3/20

Preaching Plan

Preaching Plan Download Preaching Plan March 2020 to May 2020 version 5 - PDF format
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North Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit


Organogram Download the Circuit Organogram - PDF Format PDF document

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