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Trinity Methodist Church, Biggleswade

Our worship is ... Thought Provoking, Challenging, Reflective, Varied.

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TRINITY BIGGLESWADE Shortmead St, nr Trinity Cl - SG18 0AP
Service time:10.30 am6.00 pm 3rd Sunday
Congregation size:30-50, varied ages, almost all 60+Very variable: 6-20, mainly adult
Children & young people:Not usually 
Hymn Books:Singing The Faith, Complete Mission PraiseSinging The Faith, Complete Mission Praise
Music:Organ, sometimes pianoBand or music group, sometimes MP3's and backing tracks or CD's for meditation etc. Band normally plays one music piece.
Worship Leaders:Mrs Tricia Mapletoft (details in Circuit Magazine)Mrs Tricia Mapletoft
Lectionary expected:NoNo
Congregational involvement:Read lessons; housegroup can prepare drama or similar with a few weeks' noticeBand normally does readings (biblical or others). Preacher leads intercessions, but congregation contribute using roving microphone
Intercessions book:Yes
Lord's prayer:Traditional, saidSaid
Contact with preacher:Steward needs details by Friday; see below re power points/computer. Band and preacher normally plan service together
Orders of service:Organist + readers 
Offering:No special arrangementsNormally collected during a song
Communion arrangements:At rail, in groups; communion steward will direct; vestry steward usually assists. Retiring collection taken after communion; not dedicated. 
Sound system:Radio and fixed microphones 
Computer:Screen fitted, computer and projector by arrangement; email by Wednesday. For words and visuals 
OHP:Yes, can be set up in 15 minutes. 
CCCL Licence:Copyright 500437, Music 500444, PRS 500468 
Congregation like to share grace to finish worship

Also monthly communion service, 9.30 am, 50 mins max; above details apply.

The 6:00 pm 4th Sunday service is a less formal service with modern music, intended for young or young at heart. Format flexible; usualy starts with 3 short worship songs. No sermon, but informal talk.

The other monthly evening service follows a more traditional pattern.

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